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    1. HNS Series Rotary Drum Thickener The costs of land, construction and labor are all saved as this machine takes up less floor space with its simple structure, small flocculent requirements and fully automatic operation.
    1. HBT Series Gravity Belt Thickener Polymer costs are reduced due to the lowered number of flocculants required than a rotary drum thickener, though this machine takes up a slightly larger floor space.
    1. Our integrated sludge dewatering system consists of the sludge pump, sludge dehydrator, air compressor, cleaning pump, control cabinet, as well as the flocculants preparation and dosing system.
    1. We recommend customers to use a positive displacement pump, such as a screw pump and a diaphragm metering pump. The pump serves to send sludge to a conditioning tank.
    1. The possibility to choose the size of the screen perforation/slots, as well as cross section and length of the tank, is the assurance for thecustomer that he will obtain the right solution to his problem.
    1. Thickening Flotation The sludge containing bubble flocs floats and gathers in sludge concentration zones and then separate from clean water using a buoyancy and sludge fence components.
    1. High Load Sedimentation Machine 1. Covers 20% of the area a normal sedimentation tank does
      2. Tilted plate sedimentation technology
      3. Clean water collection system