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Integrated Sludge Dewatering System

Our integrated sludge dewatering system consists of the sludge pump, sludge dehydrator, air compressor, cleaning pump, control cabinet, as well as the flocculants preparation and dosing system. A positive displacement pump is recommended as a sludge pump or flocculants dosing pump. In line with the requirements of our customers, we can provide a full set of HBJ series drainage system solutions.

1. The HBJ series system solution can assist our customers in selecting the accessory equipment of the sludge dewatering facility. In addition, customization service is available upon request.
2. The HBJ series system control cabinet allows the sludge dehydrator and its accessory equipment to be controlled.
3. As an integrated machine, our sludge dewatering system can save much trouble for procurement. Moreover, centralized control can not only simplify the operating procedure, but also provide convenience for both operation and maintenance.

1. The HBJ1250 series integrated system developed by our company was exported to Mexico at the beginning of November, 2011. This system is composed of the HTAH-1250 series rotary drum thickening-dewatering machine, HPL3-500 series polymer preparation system, LSG53-1 series sludge screw pump, RV12.2 series flocculant screw pump, CDLF8-5 series booster pump, pipeline, and the electric controller.
2. The HBJ1250 series sludge dewatering system is specially designed to offer solutions for the small-sized sewage treatment plants as well as the short-term thickening and dewatering projects. It allows the sludge to be thickened and dewatered only by connecting the pipe with the power supply.
3. The HBJ series system can be mounted on the container trailer. Then, it is applicable for the joint operation of several small-sized wastewater treatment plants, or the short-term projects for thickening and dehydration. In view of different sludge properties and processing capacities, we can provide the machine with different belt widths ranging from 0.5 to 1.25m. Our sewage treatment equipment can offer the maximum processing capacity of up to 30m3/hr.

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