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Automatic Polymer Preparation System

Our automatic polymer preparation system is one of the indispensable machines within this industry for the preparation and dosing of the flocculating agent. Flocculation is considered as the most necessary and economically feasible method to separate the suspended particles from the liquid. Therefore, flocculating agents are commonly used in all kinds of water treatment industries.

With many years of successful experience in water treatment industries, HaiBar has developed the HPL series dry-powder preparation and dosing equipment dedicated for preparing, storing, and dosing the powder and liquids. Serving as feedstock, the flocculating agent or other powder can be prepared continuously and automatically in compliance with the required concentration. In addition, the continuous measurement of dose of the prepared solution is available during the industrial process.

The HPL series automatic polymer preparation system is widely applicable for treating water, sewage, and other media in industries including petroleum, papermaking, textile, stone, coal, palm oil, medicines, food, and more.

1. Considering different onsite requirements, we can provide customers with the automatic polymer preparation system of different models from 500L to 8000L/hr.
2. The prominent characteristics of our flocculant dosing unit include continuous operation 24 hours a day, easy use, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, sanitary and safe environment, as well as precise concentration of the prepared polymer.
3. Moreover, this automatic dosing system can be optionally installed with the automated vacuum feed system and PLC system upon request.