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Sludge Thickener

    1. HNS Series Rotary Drum ThickenerThe costs of land, construction and labor are all saved as this machine takes up less floor space with its simple structure, small flocculent requirements and fully automatic operation.
    1. HBT Series Gravity Belt ThickenerPolymer costs are reduced due to the lowered number of flocculants required than a rotary drum thickener, though this machine takes up a slightly larger floor space.

Our sludge thickener is mainly designed for low concentration of sludge. In use of this sludge treatment facility, the solids content rate can be raised to 3-11%. This provides much convenience for the follow-up mechanical dehydration process. Additionally, the final effect and working efficiency can be greatly improved.

This sludge thickening apparatus can be installed in front of the centrifuge and plate-and-frame filter press. In this way, the inlet sludge concentration can be improved. Both centrifuge and plate-and-frame filter press will offer a superb disposal effect. Furthermore, the inlet sludge volume will be reduced. A small-sized plate-and-frame machine and centrifuge are recommended to enormously reduce the procurement cost.

Our sludge thickener is widely applicable for wastewater treatment in various industries like petroleum, papermaking, textile, stone, coal, food, palm oil, pharmaceuticals, and more. The sludge concentrator is also ideal for thickening and purifying of the slurry mixed with solids in other industries.