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100% In-House

Our products are 100% designed and manufactured in our own factory, differing from other plants that only carry out the assembly. We utilize independent, state of the art technology and take pride in our one stop shop production line.

Leading Technology

Haibar's founder is one of the top industrial engineers in China. Working toegether with the R&D team, he introduced advanced international technology for use in China, and then designed our own patented products that surpass both industrial standards and ordinary levels. We also have more than 12 national patents for innovative designs.

Reliable Supply Chain

Our 11,000 square meter production factory is equipped with world class machinery, which is then run by experienced engineers and operators, who are overseen by industrial experts. We have also built extensive partnerships with our network of suppliers who help support us in the operation and management of our supply chain.

Best Performance

Thanks to the hard work of our R&D team, our machines offer an outstanding treatment effect on a wide range of sludge and wastewater produced in multiple industries- an effect higher than most other manufacturers have been able to achieve.

Best Quality

Haibar is among the top 5 for best quality in the Chinese belt filter press industry. Because we were founded by industrial leaders and experts with more than 20 years of experience, in the early years of our development, we were a pioneer and teacher to others in the industry, providing technical drawings and resources free of charge on our website.

Affordable Price

For the exact same disposal effect, our belt filter presses costs only ¼ of what a centrifuge filter press costs, and for the exact same process capacity, the belt filter press takes up 1/3 of the footprint when compared to a plate and frame filter press. This helps reduce the costs of civil engineering projects, and our prices are different through the use of different key component levels. We will always recommend a cost saving solution for our customers, so that they can meet project requirements at a lower budget, and provide strategic prices for our global partners who act on our behalf around the world.

Cost Saving Performance

Our machines save money during operation as they consume less water and less electricity for the same treatment effect, due to our innovative designs. Thanks to a simple structure and rational design, our machines also save labor costs as they are easily operated and maintained in full control with only one operator.

Long Service Life

The service life on our products reaches more than 10 years, with 24 hour a day, 7 days a week continuous operation. This is due to the excellent design and outstanding quality of spare parts, some of which include a German filter cloth, a special deviation rectifier, a limit switch for dual protection, Japanese rollers, internationally known motor and pump brands, and AISI SUS304 framework.