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HTBH Series Rotary Drum Belt Filter Press for Thickening and Dewatering, Standard Type

Widely used in a variety of industries, the HTBH belt filter press combines the thickening and dewatering processes into an integrated machine for sludge and wastewater treatment.

HAIBAR's belt filter presses are 100% designed and manufactured in house, and feature a compact structure in order to treat different types and capacities of sludge and wastewater. Our products are well known throughout the industry for their high efficiency, low energy consumption, low polymer consumption, cost saving performance and long service life.

An HTBH series belt filter press is a standard filter press featuring technology for rotary drum thickening, and is a modified product based on the HTB series. Both the conditioning tank and rotary drum thickener have been redesigned for treatment of low concentration sludge and wastewater.

1. Integrated rotary drum thickening and dewatering treatment processes
2. Wide range and normal applications
3. The best performance is found when the inlet consistency is 0.4-1.5%.
4. Installation is easy due to the compact structure and normal size.
5. Automatic, continuous, simple, stable and safe operation
6. Operation is environmentally friendly due to the low energy consumption and low noise levels.
7. Easy maintenance ensures long term operation.
8. The patented flocculation system reduces the polymer consumption.
9. 7 to 9 segmented rollers support different treatment capacities with the best treatment effect.
10. The pneumatic adjustable tension achieves an ideal effect that is in compliance with the treatment process.
11. A galvanized steel rack can be customized when the belt width reaches more than 1500mm.

1. Pneumatic Tensioning Tool

The automatic and continuous tensioning process can be provided. Different from the spring tensioning tool, our pneumatic tensioning tool is designed with adjustable tension to achieve an ideal effect in compliance with the sludge thickening situation.

2. Roller Press with 7-9 Segments
Due to the adoption of numerous press rollers and rational roller layout, this series belt filter press can be guaranteed with great treating capacity, high solids content, and the optimal treatment effect.

3. Raw Material
As a kind of pressure filter, our product is entirely constructed from SUS304 stainless steel. The galvanized steel rack is customizable under condition of the belt width of at least 1500mm.

4. Other Features
Beyond that, our pressurized filtration system is marked by low polymer consumption, high solids content rate, as well as the automated continuous operation. Due to easy operation and maintenance, our belt filter press does not highly demand for experienced operators, which helps our clientele save much human resource cost.

Main Specifications
Model HTBH-750 HTBH-1000 HTBH-1250 HTBH-1500 HTBH-1500L HTBH-2000 HTBH-2500
Belt Width (mm) 750 1000 1250 1500 1500 2000 2500
Treating Capacity (m3/hr) 4.0 - 13.0 8.0~19.2 10.0~24.5 13.0~30.0 18.0~40.0 25.0~55.0 30.0~70.0
Dried Sludge (kg/hr) 40-110 55~169 70~200 85~250 110~320 150~520 188~650
Water Content Rate (%) 68~ 84
Max. Pneumatic Pressure (bar) 6.5
Min. Rinse Water Pressure (bar) 4
Power Consumption (kW) 1.15 1.5 1.5 2 3 3 3.75
Dimensions Reference (mm) Length 2850 2850 2850 2850 3250 3500 3500
Width 1300 1550 1800 2150 2150 2550 3050
Height 2300 2300 2300 2450 2500 2600 2650
Reference Weight (kg) 1160 1570 1850 2300 2750 3550 4500

1. Our company reserves the right to modify the above-mentioned specifications of this series rotary drum thickening-dewatering belt filter press.
2. The treating capacity, dried sludge, and water content rate all depend on the varieties of sludge.

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