1. HTE3 Series Heavy Duty Gravity Belt Thickening-Dewatering Belt Filter Press

      The unique frame structure allows our product to offer ultra strong carrying capacity in comparison with other machines with the same belt width.Owing to the intrinsic characteristics of the belt thickener, our belt filter press can be used for treating various concentrations of sludge on site.

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    1. HBT Series Gravity Belt Sludge Thickener

      It is broadly applied in various industries to reduce the sludge volume up to 90%. Hence, the transportation cost is immensely saved.
      Moreover, the sludge dewatering equipment does not demand the flocculating agent, so the cost of using the flocculant can be saved. It is ideal for treating the sludge with its concentration of below 1%...

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    1. HPL3 Series Three Tank Continuous Polymer Preparation System

      A combination of three tanks contributes to the continuous preparation process, providing such advantages as easy operation, convenient maintenance, and the great reduction of labor cost.
      Built to meet the requirements of different flocculants, the continuous polymer preparation system is designed to give the powder-liquid double feed function.

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    1. Accessory Equipment

      We recommend customers to use a positive displacement pump, such as a screw pump and a diaphragm metering pump. The pump serves to send sludge to a conditioning tank. We suggest customers using a positive displacement pump, such as a screw pump and a diaphragm metering pump, to send sludge to a conditioning tank.

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