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High-Efficient Dissolved Air Flotation System

A dissolved air flotation (DAF) is an effective method for the separation of solid liquid and liquid liquid that is close to, or smaller than, water. It has been widely used in water supply and drainage treatment processes.

1. Efficient dissolved air system
2. Automatic slagging through liquid level control
3. Easy maintenance due to the specialized and efficient non-clogging releasing system
4. Automatic control and stable treatment effects need no operators
5. Small area occupation, high effluent ability and a low investment

1. Micro-bubble generating technology
2. Subsurface capture technology
3. Automatic slagging through liquid level control technology
4. Highly efficient non-clogging release technology

Structure and Process
Haibar's DAF consists of the main tank basin, mixer tank, air dissolving system, dissolved air back flow pipeline, dissolved air water releasing system, skimming device and control panel. The air floatation separation technology is used to achieve a pure water quality. When flocculants (PAC or PAM, or other flocculants) are added into the water, after an effective flocculation process (time, dosing, and flocculation effects must be tested), the water flows into a contact area where both the flocculants and tiny bubbles float to the surface of the water, forming a scum to be removed using a skimming device. The treated water then flows into a branch water pool, partially back flowing for the DAF system, and the rest is discharged.

1. Oil-water separation of wastewater in petrochemical industries (including emulsified oil and vegetable oil)
2. Pretreatment of wastewater in textile, dying, bleaching and wool spinning industries
3. Wastewater treatment in surface treatment industries such as galvanization, PCB, and pickling
4. Pretreatment of wastewater in pharmacy, chemical, papermaking, tannery, slaughter houses and food industries
5. As a replacement for sedimentation tanks, the flotation is widely used in industrial waste water pretreatment.

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