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Polymer Preparation Unit

An HPL3 series polymer preparation unit is used to prepare, store and dose powder or liquid. It features a preparation tank, maturing tank and storage tank, and operates either automatically or manually using a vacuum feeding device.

1. Patented design with innovative functions and outstanding quality
2. Continuous preparation processes lead to an easy operation, easy maintenance and savings in labor costs.
3. Power and liquid double feeding functions are suitable for different flocculants.
4. A proportional allocation function allows the required concentration to be adjusted based on actual requirements.
5. Uniform concentration reduces unnecessary maintenance and power costs.
6. Warm and coagulation resistance functions prevent the powder from being caked or going bad.
7. A more precise feeding concentration is achieved due to the frequency speed display device.
8. An automatic intermittent mixing operation guarantees the optimal flocculation effect whenever a polymer is added.
9. An optional detector automatically alarms and shuts the machine down when low storage occurs.

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